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In November 2015, Time Inc. donated its expansive and historically significant archive to the New-York Historical Society’s Patricia D. Klingenstein Library. Comprising more than 7,500 linear feet of an estimated seven million documents and artifacts, the Time Inc. collection provides a detailed perspective of 20th-century history and Time Inc.’s media empire, offering an extraordinary level of documentation and information for researchers.

Using the Collection

A team of archivists is currently organizing and re-housing the entire collection for use by researchers. The finding aids created to date may be accessed via the list of archival finding aids below. Additional finding aids will be posted as they become available. See the Library’s collection request system for instructions on how to request material using a finding aid.

Researchers may also use the full-text searchable database for archival collections as well as the library’s online catalog to identify portions of the collection relevant to their research.

With a few exceptions, the Time Inc. Records are stored offsite. Requests made for offsite material will be confirmed by public service staff via email. Please allow up to five business days for material to be delivered, after which it can be kept on hold for up to four weeks.

For specific questions about the Time Inc. Records, please contact: timereference@nyhistory.org.

Time Inc. Records – Finding Aids Now Available

Overview of the Time Inc. Records (MS 3009)

Henry Luce Papers, 1894-2004, bulk 1932-1967 (MS 3014)
Time Inc. Subject Files (MS 3009-RG 1)
Time Inc. Bio Files (MS 3009-RG 2)
Time Inc. Reference Files (MS 3009-RG 3)
Time Inc. Index Cards (MS 3009-RG 4)
Time Inc. Corporate Administration Records (MS 3009-RG 5)
Time Inc. Corporate Editorial Records (MS 3009-RG 6)
Time Inc. Time Editorial Records (MS 3009-RG 7)
Time Inc. Fortune Editorial Records (MS 3009-RG 8)​
Time Inc. Life Editorial Records (MS 3009-RG 9)
Time Inc. People Editorial Records (MS 3009-RG 10)​
Time Inc. Money Editorial Records: Managing Editor Marshall Loeb Files (MS 3009-RG 11)​
Time Inc. Architectural Forum and House & Home Records: Edgar P. Smith Files (MS 3009-RG 12)
Time Inc. Time Research Center Files (MS 3009-RG 13)
Time Inc. Time-Life News Service Records (MS 3009-RG 14)​
Time Inc. The March of Time Audiovisual Collection (MS 3009-RG 15)
Time Inc. New Building Department Records (MS 3009-RG 16)
Time Inc. Administration, Human Resources and Personnel Records (MS 3009-RG 17)
Time Inc. Staff Organizations (MS 3009-RG 18)
Time Inc. Corporate Public Affairs Department Records (MS 3009-RG 19)
Time Inc. News Clippings (MS 3009-RG 20)
Time Inc. Advertising Promotion and Circulation Promotion Files (MS 3009-RG 21)
Time Inc. Printing Developments, Inc. Ledgers (MS 3009-RG 22)
Time Inc. Real Estate Division Records (MS 3009-RG 23)
Time Inc. Time Publishing and Business Records (MS 3009-RG 24)
Time Inc. Fortune Publishing and Business Records (MS 3009-RG 25)
Time Inc. Life Publishing and Business Records (MS 3009-RG 26)
Time Inc. People Publishing and Business Records (MS 3009-RG 27)
Time Inc. Books Group Records (MS 3009-RG 28)
Time Inc. Invitational Records (MS 3009-RG 29)
Time Inc. Annual Reports (MS 3009-RG 31)
Time Inc. Time Covers (MS 3009-RG 32)
Time Inc. Oral History Project Records (MS 3009-RG 33)
Time Inc. Time Annotated Bound Issues (MS 3009-RG 38)
Time Inc. Magazine Development Group Records (MS 3009-RG 40)
Time Inc. Video Group Records (MS 3009-RG 41)
Time Inc. Harry Harding Files on Corporate Identity (MS 3009-RG 42)
Time Inc. Discover Publishing and Business Records: Publisher Bruce Barnet Files (MS 3009-RG 43)
Time Inc. Time Canada Ltd. Records (MS 3009-RG 44)
Time Inc. New Media Records: Editor Daniel Okrent Files (MS 3009-RG 45)
Time Inc. Publicity Files (MS 3009-RG 46)
Time Inc. Editorial Services Records (MS 3009-RG 47)

Time Inc. Records – Forthcoming Finding Aids

Archivists continue to arrange and describe the Time Inc. records. Below are record groups for which processing is expected to be completed over the next three years of the project. Please note that records are not available for research until processing has been completed and a finding aid is published.

Upcoming in 2020

RG 39. Annex Files

This is a collection created by the Time Inc. Archives. It seems to be an extension of the types of records found in RG 1. Subject Files and RG 3. Reference Files, but either sent to archives after the creation of the Subject Files or considered too bulky or too infrequently referenced to be kept in the Archives Library along with those collections.

Upcoming in 2021

RG 5. Corporate Administration Records

Upcoming in 2022

RG 30. Library and Archives Administration Records

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