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Watch art and history come alive every day at New-York Historical! Learn about the past and engage with your community through our digital audio and video resources.


The New-York Historical Society makes history matter every day by bringing you engaging educational programs, intellectually stimulating lectures, thought-provoking exhibitions, and fascinating stories in art and history that you never knew. As a public resource for learning, New-York Historical works to offer audio and video digital resources where possible. Our Media Page brings you select programs and events as well as fun facts and deep dives into topics about the history of the United States through the eyes of its cultural nucleus, New York City.

Fun Facts
1 minute

A penguin heist?! Yes, a penguin heist! The myth of the stolen Coney Island penguins is in fact no myth at all. But when did the black-tie flightless birds get stolen, and how was it discovered they were gone? Watch our series “When Did The Statue of Liberty Turn Green? And Other Questions About NYC” to get answers to your most pressing, and sometimes most puzzling, New York history questions.

N-YHS Museum & Library
3 minutes 27 seconds

From the 2015 History Makers Gala honoring Tony-award winning “Hamilton” composer and performer Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow, to a whirlwind adventure with comic books heroes and the Batmobile itself—and way more in between— the New-York Historical Society had a phenomenal year. Check out our 2015-2016 video highlights!

2 minutes 42 seconds

Watch the video to our successful Kickstarter project to fund bringing the iconic Telstar satellite to New-York Historical for Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York. 

30 seconds

Watch a preview of the exhibition, that delves into the centuries-long history between China and the United States—a history that involved New York from its very beginnings—and will raise the question “What does it mean to be an American?” 

30 seconds

Watch a preview of the exhibition, an account of how New York and its metropolitan region contributed to Allied victory. The exhibition also explores the captivating, sobering, and moving stories of how New Yorkers experienced and confronted the challenges of “total war.”


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